Studio 2305

The Studio 23O5 is a place where customers’ ideas turn into reality. Our squad is a tightly-welded team of specialists and professional designers and architects,  sharing the same values and embody viable and creative solutions! We make the space usable and comfortable, where you will always want to come back too!
The Studio 23O5 consists of a team of talented designers and architects, who are for several years engaged in real estate projects in Italy and many other European countries (Switzerland, France, Spain, etc.), as well as Russia and Turkey.
Each project is unique for us, because it is created for a family with their own habits, traditions and hobbies, and should reflect the character of the owners.

Creation of the interior is an exciting adventure with the research of interesting, practical and beautiful solutions.
In reality, it is a very responsible job! Because the future comfort of the home depends a lot on how correctly the space and its stylistic and color solutions were thought, how well the materials and light were chosen. And our team is scrupulous about these tasks.

We collaborate with many furniture, sanitary ware and finishing materials manufacturers in Italy and can deliver directly from the factories.
We will help to reduce the problems, headaches and costs in the implementation of your design.