We will help you in choosing the property: we can consider different layout options, prevent problems that may arise during the work process.
We will help you to find stylistic solution, color fulfilment and furnishing the space.

Interior design project development

Professional designers of our studio will help you to realize your dream of a cozy and beautiful home. For you we will develop an individual project, which will include not only realistic 3D visualizations of your future interior, but also all the necessary technical documentation and drawings for the builders.

As well we choose for you all the necessary materials, furniture and equipment, which will simplify a lot the process of the further realization of the design into reality.

Materials, furniture and equipment selection

In order to be as accurate as possible to realize the design project, our studio offers such service as a materials, furniture and equipment selection. We know local market and choose everything you need from reliable suppliers at reasonable prices for you. You do not have to spend time on shops in search of a coffee table or a sofa, “as in the picture.”
This is especially central when you buy a property in a new location in another country where it is difficult to navigate with purchases.

A remote work collaboration

We can realize your dream of a perfect home, regardless of your location. You can contact us at any convenient time in a comfortable for you environment.
Modern technologies (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and email) help us to stay in touch with our Clients.


The final cost of the design project is calculated individually for each customer and depends on several factors: the volume of your space and the set of essential services.
For convenience, we have developed several service packages that are most demanded among our clients.

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